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Shibboleth Void Replacements June 5, 2019

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00:01 Opening

03:05 Greetings and Acknowledgment

04:18 Shibboleth Updates and Announcements

06:03 Shibboleth Members Achievements

07:17 We must know how to eat..

08:34 Diets won't work.

11:20 Is there a food that you can't have in Shibboleth?

13:03 Embracing the GROWL

13:12 Life is about CHOICES

19:01 Types of Void

24:18 You can't use food as a solution to your problems

30:03 If there's a will there's a way

30:14 There is always a void replacement

34:32 The Survival Kit - The importance of the Survival Kit

39:44 Dealing with insulin

40:05 Having void replacement is trying not to elevate insulin

40:16 You need to focus on what you can have and not on what you can't have

42:23 Where to find Void Replacements - Website Navigation

42:35 Sample Void Replacements

45:46 Void Replacement Powerpoint Slide

51:00 Healthwise as Void Replacements

52:52 Ghee Butter

53:00 Questions and Support

54:51 Closing



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