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Gut Be Gone, Butt Be Gone ~ June 27, 2019

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02:18 Opening

02:22 Greetings and Acknowledgements

05:13 Shibboleth Members Achievements

07:15 It takes 7 days to burn 1 pound of FAT

10:15 Learn what makes this a LIFESTYLE and not a DIET

11:46 What we are looking for is a LIFESTYLE that we can live with

13:59 You can lose 10 pounds up to 3 days

14:19 If you struggle to get back in the bandwagon, this is a great time to start back

15:20 All living and lean tissue require non-essential and essential amino acids

16:15 Your bones are fed by amino acids

16:42 Your body is starving for fresh consumption of non-essential and essential amino acids

17:19 Why do we need to preserve muscle?

17:44 BMR is the calories you burn at rest

18:30 If you are not getting enough amino acid your body shift and burn muscles as an energy source

19:04 There are food that contain "ALL ESSENTIAL AND NON-ESSENTIAL AMINO ACIDS"

20:43 MEAT - Category 1, 4, and 7 has some meat

22:13 Sample MEAT FOOD LIST

25:40 All of the MEAT listed has all the essential AMINO ACIDS

27:26 Fatty MEAT don't need FAT cooked in to them

27:42 LEAN MEAT can be better by infusing MCT, Ghee, or Coconut Oil

28:09 Cooking FATS we can use ( MCT, Ghee, Coconut)

28:40 You should never eat CARBS with a FATTY MEAT

29:21 Eggs are energy producing and muscle preserving Lean Protein

29:36 Eggs are one of the healthiest FOOD on Planet Earth

30:47 Hemp + Eggs

32:46 Difference between Meat and Hemp

34:00 Beans and Meat Combination

34:52 Blow Torch in a BOWL

35:46 If you portion control and do this combination in 10 days, you can lose up to 10 pounds

39:02 Fish + Hemp Flakes 

41:25 Beverly UMP

45:45 Zero Weight Loss Meter Meaning

46:09 Questions and Support

49:26 Beverly UMP Combinations

53:08 UMP (Ultimate Muscle Provider)

59:02 Closing



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Joney Garrett
Joneyg July 19, 13:17:20
Here are some serving size guidelines: 1). 2-6 ounces of lean protein or shellfish with 1/4 cup beans. 2) 2-3 ounces of lean protein or shellfish with 1/3 cup of beans. 3) 1/2 cup of beans by themselves

Shirley Brown
ShirleyMae July 1, 15:53:59
Thankyou Travis. Just what I needed to get over the stall I was on. 2.2 and Goal to go!

Toni Tenters
bamagirl622 June 30, 12:52:57
this is awesome...going to start this tomorrow!

Shannon Anderson
Shanbamm1973 June 29, 5:58:31
Awesome thank you for sharing