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Shibboleth Recipe Modification and More

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00:03 Opening

02:15 Greetings

02:30 Zoom Settings

04:15 Member Achievements

06:38 We want to make Shibboleth a LIFESTYLE

07:37 It is important to LOSE WEIGHT and keep it off FOREVER

08:48 The Bullet Proof Components

09:35 Food Combination Controls Insulin

10:21 3 eating episodes should be combined and portioned RIGHT

11:00 The best TIMING is 4-6 hours between MEAL

11:43 Following the Shibboleth Components allows you to achieve a PERFECT DAYS

14:01 The Shibboleth Fixed It Group

17:22 Utilizing Shibboleth the Fixed It Group

19:12 Shibboleth Approved Recipe Library (Website Navigation)

19:46 How to add a new RECIPE

21:13 Why is it important to have a recipe that is modified?

22:44 Approved Recipe with Video Tutorials

23:05 How to Add all the ingredients from any approved recipe to your GROCERY LIST

23:47 Shibboleth Grocery List

27:22 Setting the WLM of the approved recipe list

28:25 Utilizing the Shibboleth Approved Recipe Library

29:48 Sample Recipe and Modification

30:40 Olive Oil can be replaced with MCT, etc,

37:49 Italian Sausages with Peppers

42:16 Questions and Comments

47:06 Restaurant Options (Website Navigation)

47:38 Suggested Mexican Restaurants

48:50 The Restaurant Survival Kit

51:14 Cheese Dip in a Mexican Restaurant

51:29 You need an approved CHIP in your restaurant SURVIVAL KIT

51:59 Avoid Category 3 and 5 when you are having a CHEESE DIP

54:30 Approved Bread should always be in your survival kit

54:51 Closing



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