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Shibboleth 2nd Chance Group Lesson 2 ~ October 28, 2019

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03:10 Opening

03:46 Introduction

05:33 Kim Dahnke's results

08:30 Walk out of here with a meal plan

11:00 Eliminating a single micronutrient?

12:25 Shibboleth Bulletproof Shield

13:40 How much water should you drink everyday

15:53 You've got to Journal

18:34 Unintended consequences of Weight Problems

19:34 Food Combinations ~ Controlling Insulin {The Fat Bus}

23:30 Portion Control ~ Being in calorie deficit

24:40 Timing

25:50 Holidays

32:34 Formula for Success

39:29 Beginners Grocery List

51:00 What happens if you take Protein + Fat ?

57:08 Flames ~ Fastest Weight loss meals

1:00:25 Grocery List

1:02:40 Breakfast Options

1:03:30 Lunch Options

1:04:05 Dinner Options

1:06:40 Freebies

1:09:00 Travis Recommends

1:14:00 Eating out? Check our Approved Restaurant Options

1:15:35 Intermittent Fasting

1:17:42 My Email Id

1:18:30 Gold Membership

1:21:00 Closing


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