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Void Replacement Class ~ November 16, 2019

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00:01 Opening

03:10 Greetings

04:39 Shibboleth Members Achievements

06:45 The Importance of VOID REPLACEMENTS

12:19 Why do I nurture myself with foods that are bad for me?

13:13 Luke 11:24

15:15 We've got to make a practical sustainable lifestyle

16:06 Shibboleth Shield

19:29 Shibboleth Worksheet

24:18 Working on the Worksheet

26:23 How much is a shibboleth MENTOR?

29:16 You've got to get out of the PAIN-PLEASURE-PAIN pattern

33:09 Discipline = FREEDOM

34:42 Self Discipline actually means PLEASURE!

37:24 You get 6 holidays on weight loss mode and 12 holidays on maintenance mode

41:03 If you don't have a perfect day, you made a CHOICE

45:20 Start of the Void Replacement Class

46:27 Void Replacement Snacks

46:35 G Butter = Cookies and Milk, sugar Cookies replacement

47:47 Shibboleth Frozen Yogurt Mix = Ice cream replacement

48:41 Walden Farms Calorie Free Spread

48:57 Hemp Hearts High Energy Crumbles

49:26 Zero Dragg MCT Cooking Oil

49:36 Beanitos Baked Mac'n Cheese Crunch

50:59 Proti Snack Bread

51:41 High Protein Dill Pickle Krinkles

52:29 Carbquick

53:46 Power Crunch Wafer

54:08 Square Meal Desserts - Hemp Desserts

54:20 Brancrisp Bread

54:47 Quest Protein Chips

55:21 Advanced Health System Cinamon Crisp Cereal

55:39 Miracle Noodles and Miracle rice

55:54 Little Man's Square

56:51 Kay's Natural Protein Chips

57:19 La Tortilla Factory High Fiber Tortilla

57:43 AHS Mac'n Cheese

57:49 Grab the Gold No-Bake Bars

58:09 Shibboleth High Protein Wafer

58:33 Shibboleth Survival Kit

1:01:31 Closing


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