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Wednesday "Why Shibboleth"? and Weigh Day

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05:32 Opening
06:06 Introduction
13:00 Types of days
14:20 Scales don't tell the truth
19:20 Thank you God!
21:32 What will you need to do this program
24:32 What do we teach in class
26:48 How fast can you lose weight
28:32 Can you eat fast food
29:13 Do you have to exercise
30:26 Can you Cook at home & still lose weight
31:33 Do You have to order special foods
32:49 Can you have ice cream
33:25 Can you have chips
33:40 How do you participate in this program
35:10 Do we provide one on one coaching
36:33 Are there meal plans to follow
37:23 I am Diabetic. Can I do this
38:30 How much does all this cost
39:00 How many people eat like this and lose weight
39:48 Questions and answers
45:07 Circadian Rhythm
49:15 How to share our class
55:00 Closing


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Denise Smith
den7smi March 24, 12:04:52
30 pounds down. :) Loving this lifestyle!!