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2-Week Emergency Transformation Class

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06:42 Opening
08:30 Introduction
08:40 It's not a diet. Diets don't work
09:01 You've got to find something that is your forever plan
09:26 Practical Sustainable and fun approach to lose weight
09:33 What If I quit doing it?
12:38 Sign up at
13:22 If you struggle...
14:28 We have tried to create shortcuts to success
14:48 There's no shortcuts
15:55 There are few who find it
17:52 "Put tar on the inside first"
18:36 The first step
19:19 You've been going down the wrong road
20:28 Define who you are
21:25 Define your Why?
22:53 Those things speak to your spirit
23:22 One week One Month and Six Month weight loss goal
29:42 Meal Idea Worksheet
31:16 Getting to the Worksheets
32:18 Breakfast Ideas
35:20 Lunch/Dinner Options
42:35 I don't want you eating things you don't enjoy
43:22 Portion Control
44:20 Meal Plans
50:15 Grocery List
54:30 God is the strength to my heart
55:19 Food Combinations
57:53 MNS 3
1:00:01 Its a 2-week box of everything you need
1:02:31 Your weight as you're progressing
1:04:08 We don't do this for money
1:07:24 Closing


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April Forsyth
UGAmom1921 Feb. 2, 14:04:08
This way of life has really helped to change the way I eat, exercise and overall my daily way of living for the past 2 years !

Candy Watkins
ladybug34489 Feb. 6, 12:40:05