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Shibboleth Weight Loss, Wellness, and Sports Performance Supplements

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00:01 Start
01:05 Introduction
01:40 Reasons that you should may be consider some supplements
02:36 The older we get, the more important it is to consume a supplement
05:22 "The After picture was actually the before picture"
07:53 The only supplement for a person who is having a poor diet
08:42 The first thing you should do
09:07 When I say wellness I mean...
09:42 For better results
11:28 You just want to make sure that it's coming from a good company
11:43 What they say is in the product is in it
12:20 AdvoCare
16:54 Energy Line
23:21 Sports Performance Line
28:13 Weight Management Line
41:14 Wellness Line
47:47 You've to be in calorie surplus to build muscle
48:20 How often do I take the MNS two weeks supply
49:05 Is spark safe for someone on blood pressure medications?
50:43 Follow the instructions
53:14 AdvoCare Slim
55:00 Wait until you find your legs with our program
58:07 My email
58:40 Closing


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