Shibboleth Origins

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00:10 Start
00:20 How Shibboleth is pronounced
00:45 Our earlier names
02:07 In life, When you're gonna have relationships...
02:58 The origins come from the heart
05:06 First and foremost a ministry to help people
06:08 The chief Cornerstone
06:21 We teach people to love themselves
08:48 If you don't have the right feeling behind it...
11:20 Eating a well-balanced plate the right thing to do
12:18 The power of the heart
12:23 One more Shibboleth Definition
13:30 It doesn't belong to me, It belongs to the Lord
14:28 End


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April Forsyth
UGAmom1921 Feb. 2, 14:01:58