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Why Should I Be Exercising?~ Feb 02 2021

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00:14 Start

01:20 My Introduction

01:40 There’s really no excuse!

03:30 Frequently Asked Questions

04:23 I want to help y’all to crack your code because I’ve cracked my own code

06:16 Behavior Modification, The #1 Challenge

07:34 Efficient Fat Burning Mode

08:01 In 1 Pound of fat, there are 3500 Calories stored

09:09 How can Walking help you

10:32 If you’re already walking, Why not continue walking

10:48 Walking is not a Muscle Building Exercise

10:58 Aerobic Zone ~ The ideal zone to target and eliminate unwanted body fat

12:38 If you’re not exercising, I recommend, before doing anything extra just nail down your Nutrition

13:43 Will Walking make you lose weight faster?

14:00 Be careful of the word “Faster”, that means something different to everybody.

14:44 If you gain one pound of fat per week, In 1 year, you will have put on 52 Pounds of fat. Will you say you gained it slow?

15:25 So Why when you loose 1 pound every week, 52 pounds in a year, Why do we say we lost it slow?

16:04 You can’t loose fat and gain muscle at the same time.

17:35 A pound of muscle weighs the same as a Pound of Fat. Fat per pound just takes up a lot more space.

18:30 While in Calorie Deficit, you can preserve muscle but you cannot put on more muscle.

19:00 Cutting Season and Building Season

20:00 Consistency rules the day! The scales will lie day to day, they’ll lie a little bit week over week, but they don’t lie monthly

21:10 Getting blood flows to the muscles

22:05 Loose Skin

24:24 As soon as you’ll get to walking the better

26:10 Suggested Exercises when you’re in a calorie deficit

27:15 It all depends on what you’re after

28:00 You can’t out exercise a bad diet

29:25 Power of Fasting - Prophet Muhammed, Buddha and Jesus, none of them really agreed on much, but they agreed on the Power of Fasting

30:00 Calorie Counters ~ Overestimating your calorie burn

32:40 Can you drink a Gallon of Water a day?

33:38 Water, Journal, Food Combinations, Portion Control ~ Just follow the Shield

34:50 How important is it to add Supplements and Vitamins?

35:43 How can you cycle between Calorie Deficit and Surplus

39:05 Calorie counting devices

43:26 Stretch a Minute

44:55 Intermittent Fasting has changed my life.

46:57 Fasting and getting a few Cramps

48:30 What is the minimum amount of walking you should do each day

52:31 This is for life, If you quit doing any of this stuff, you’ll lose the progress you made.

54:42 Food is a drug.

56:20 Working out at the end of Fast is good for HGH (Human Growth Hormone)

57:10 We have to be concerned with what we eat and When we eat

58:19 Can you drink Bio Coffee on a fast

59:17 Organic CBD Oil

1:00:26 Bio Coffee

1:04:00 Some Great Food suggestions to consume after the 46 hour fast

1:06:04 Where can you purchase the Health-wise Soups

1:07:12 Closing


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