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Why Do Specifically Approved Foods Cause Me To Gain Weight?

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00:15  Start

06:18  There is only one way to lose fat...

08:08  Insulin is a powerful growth hormone.

14:32  Extreme level of inflammations in our body.

15:53  Cindy's post.

16:46  This is a pound of fat.

19:09  If you stay with the system.

20:29  Bible says.

24:11  When you eat a pickle.

28:08  I stick to the program.

29:11 Losing weight is hard.

32:38  If you look at the scales.

34:49  When people say.

37:20  We have never learned.

40:07  Healthy lifestyle.

42:40  What if yesterday.

44:44  Great indicator that your weight gain is temporary.

45:48  Summary.

48:59  On my holiday.

50:15  Cheesecake was.

52:05  Sugar and starch destroy the metabolism.

54:11  If you get into the pantry.

56:27  People often say.

58:22  End  


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