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Why Shibboleth? How we lost weight eating powerful food combinations webinar on demand.

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0:14  Start

02:24  Great re-commitment day

02:51  Glad to have our first timers

05:28  Jonathan's song

09:54  I love that I get to continue to eat the foods that I always ate

10:42  Women lose the weight too

11:38  Missy's Shibboleth journey

13:36  Joney's fitness journey

15:44  Julie's Shibboleth Journey

18:15  #1 Million

20:35  Kim Dahnke's journey with Shibboleth

23:48  We have a management system

25:04  Jason's Shibboleth journey

27:39  Virtual Wellness Coaches

27:59  Obesity is the leading cause of all the premature deaths in our country

28:41  Sasha talking about her Shibboleth story

32:33  I kept my eye on what he was doing

35:29  There's nothing new under the sun, all of the stuff is out there

36:05  How Shibboleth was named

38:16  We believe we're an uncommon people

40:11  Today is the day of salvation

41:23  Insulin in our system is called the Fat Bus

42:22  I'm taking my foods and turning them into exercise on a plate

43:13  Atrophied metabolism

47:53  Julie talks about science behind Shibboleth

49:07  Resources, foods and recipes tab

50:42  Filters to make your search easy

55:56  Kim Dahnke guides about Fast Track program

56:16  "Shibboleth in a nutshell"

58:57  Support group on Facebook to ask questions

1:00:20  Jason on- Why Shibboleth is a Ministry?

1:01:22  Definition of a Minister

1:05:01  Shibboleth's support team is the Backbone of Shibboleth


1:11:26  Jim's Shibboleth Journey

1:12:45  When is the right time to do the right thing?


1:16:47  Closing it with Jonathan's song

1:20:34  End


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