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Shibboleth Supplement Selector Class

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0:06  Start

0:37  Got vaccinated

02:43  Share this video

03:27  Going to talk about supplements

05:44  We are being driven

06:35  Mouth pleasure

08:05  The instant gratification of food

10:09  Nutrition and exercise concept

12:11  Trying to live a right life

14:31  Are we bowing down to the little food God?

15:08  The unintented consequences of obesity

16:12  You are going to need a program to physically transform

17:03  You have to control insulin

18:23  You can reconstitute old muscle

20:21  Supplementation is not necessarily required for weight loss

21:31  Stored fat as a fuel source

22:53  Going to talk about MNS or coreplex

24:12  Stringent testing


28:14  Sports performance supplements

30:08  This is a teaching moment

32:16  Amino acids

34:26  Intermittent fasting

36:41  Should use rehydrate before and after your bike riding session

38:21  V16 is an energy product without caffeine

39:21  Metabolic nutrition system omni

41:01  MNS delta is more for your energy and omni is more for your wellness

43:14  Meal replacement shake

45:11  Carb ease plus

46:57  Advocare catalyst

48:09  Any questions about the weight management supplements?

50:09  Sleepworks 

51:46  Advocare glow hair & nails

53:01  Advocare fiber packet

55:06  Vitamin C- Grams

57:25  Advocare arginine extreme

59:40  Will mark the best products for weight loss


1:01:07  Behavior modification

1:02:52  Looking for a wine replacement


1:05:49  End


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