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Last Class! September 15, 2021

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0:06  Start

01:40  Travis Martin's introduction

02:30  This is a ministry first and foremost

03:18  Had a background in sports nutrition

05:11  Lost 44 pounds in first 6 weeks

06:22  Our culture

08:26  Insulin- The fat bus

10:03  It can lead to a diabetic coma

10:59  It is a growth hormone

12:20  Why food combining is so important?

14:40  Metformin

16:20  Whole foods

18:18  Prescription medication for weight loss

20:00  Operate in a calorie deficit

22:39  Foods that can cause insulin

23:07  Category 3- Complex carbs

25:34  The pros cannot win over the cons

27:24  Eating whole fruit as a snack

28:18  Why lima beans are better than corns?

29:26  Portion plate

31:21  We prefer steel cut oats

33:18  Category 5- Fruits

35:49  Clean eating

36:34  Practical, sustainable and fun

37:37  Holiday foods

39:44  These foods don't defile you

41:11  Little debbie

42:26  6 holidays a month in the weight loss mode

44:34  Insulin spike

46:08  This is a behavior modification program

48:41  A food combination chart

50:14  Fast Track badge

52:02  Red, Yellow and blue column

53:44  A simple choice

55:06  Another lesson on protein, fiber and our shield

57:06  $65 for lifetime membership

58:24 will be improving everyday

1:01:21  End


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Mary Breen Sept. 18, 20:26:49
Travis I believe this is your new calling and God is using you to help people have a lifestyle change keeping you in my prayers as you continue to minister

Mary Breen Sept. 18, 20:24:45
I am a new member today makes exactly one week this is the first time I watched one of your videos and I am 74 years old and a type two diabetic and I have learned so much in this video God bless you and thank you