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00:01 Start
00:05 Introduction
00:12 DIET or DIEt?
01:08 Shibboleth is not a diet. It's a LIFESTYLE.
02:05 Everything you need
02:34 How to eat out and still lose weight
03:07 Support
03:42 The difference
05:07 We want to teach you.
06:30 Realistic expectations
07:10 Don't give up!
07:52 Closing


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tMtFQiRt tMtFQiRt
tMtFQiRt June 5, 3:03:23

Betty Taylor
beajaycat May 20, 21:49:43
Well here I am starting over almost a year later. I didn’t give the program a chance last year, Inviting God on this new normal journey 🙏🏻🙏🏻

Heather Schwalen
hschwalen July 28, 7:08:23
here I am again...gonna try to really embrace this lifestyle this time by God's grace and humbling myself. I need help to break the cycles in my life. My morning confession.

Betty Taylor
beajaycat June 17, 19:50:48
Ready to begin my new normal. 😊

June Thomas
jwthomas May 24, 10:10:07
Ready to go!