#2 Quick Program Overview

About this video...

00:01 Start
00:21 Get in the driver's seat
00:32 Fast Track videos
01:05 It's not hard
01:30 The best start
01:43 Two types of modes
01:57 Two types of days
02:26 Perfect Day
02:47 Five components of the Shibboleth Shield
03:00 Seven categories
04:24 Closing


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Susan Headrick
Saheadrick@gmail.com Aug. 21, 9:24:11
I'm excited!!!! God is good and always right on time for what is needed to fulfill his plan.

Misty Williams
mw8000 June 4, 20:48:36

Candy Wilkins
candywilkins May 15, 17:29:47
Watched 5/15/2023

elahirehs Jan. 5, 15:30:38
I'm excited for my future healthy self. thank you for all the training.

Patsy Breckenridge
pmbreckenridge@gmail.com Aug. 21, 10:29:03
what if I cant' eat shell fish?

You do not have to eat shellfish on a perfect day. It is just considered a category 7, so you just wouldn't have that category.