#3 Water

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00:01 Welcome
00:07 Water
00:20 Water in, fat out
00:38 Benefits of water
01:00 How much water should you drink
01:35 Start today
01:47 Seven pounds in seven days
01:53 End


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Susan Headrick
Saheadrick@gmail.com Aug. 21, 9:27:29
Watched.. headed to the next one. Gaining a wealth of knowledge.

Darlene Runyon
DarlaJoy May 28, 13:51:39
Does the water in coffee or tea count towards your water intake for the day?

No, it doesn't. Coffee and tea have caffeine in them so it doesn't count towards your water. Travis would love for us to just have plain water as our water count. He has said, if you won't bathe in it, then you shouldn't count it as your water intake. :)

Eric Knutsen
EricFromNH Dec. 21, 17:17:29
I’ve got a river of life flowing out of me 🎶

Betty Taylor
beajaycat Nov. 27, 19:50:42
Water 💦 and more water 💦

Isabel Smiley-Lewis
Ismileylewis July 15, 15:17:52