#6 Food Combinations

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00:01 Start
00:15 Food combinations
00:23 Insulin release
00:33 Food combination chart
00:47 Three columns
01:01 Blue column
01:07 Red column
01:31 Lifestyle & maintenance category
01:45 Food combinations
04:20 How you should do it
04:36 Purpose of combining food
05:02 Concluding
05:30 End


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Kim Worley
Kimmatt Jan. 31, 19:00:40
I don’t see the blue links

They are checkboxes that have links in them.

Joanne Weaver
Joanneweaver Jan. 12, 8:36:34
Where are the "blue links" at the top of each fasttrack?

They are checkboxes that have links in them.

Isabel Smiley-Lewis
Ismileylewis July 15, 15:35:44
🍽🔓 EFB

Jeanne Templeton
Jeanne_Genie July 1, 20:26:21
proper combinations for EFB :)

Angie James
angiejames June 24, 12:32:07
Putting foods together correctly. 6-24-22