#9 What is the Fat Bus?

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00:01 Start
00:28 Insulin ~ The fat bus
01:00 Large insulin release
01:40 Priming your body
02:16 Fat storage growth hormone
02:38 Combine foods in the right way
03:42 Increases your appetite
03:52 Accidental holiday
04:17 Two perfect days
04:40 Closing


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Elizabeth Murphree
LisainVirginia April 22, 12:52:34
Fat bus picking up fat lipids is a huge deal.

LeeAnn Wiernusz
leeannw75@gmail.com Dec. 26, 16:08:15
I love how insulin is explained as the fat bus. Now I get it!

Sheila Duncan
SuzyQ Aug. 23, 20:59:34
Fat bus = insulin / my friend gave me a stuffed diet devil to remind me!

Isabel Smiley-Lewis
Ismileylewis July 15, 15:54:24

Angie James
angiejames June 24, 14:15:21
Watched 6-24-22