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00:04 EFB ~ Efficient Fat Burning
00:28 I have the ability
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01:05 First day in EFB
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Candy Frey
Wcfrey1@gmail.com Feb. 13, 12:32:51
I want to do the blow torch options but I don’t know where to find how much yogurt or hemp hearts/flakes or fibrous carbs.

Inside the food library, each food would tell you what the portion size is. It depends on the yogurt you have. So for Oikos, I use 1 cup of yogurt with 1 Tablespoon of hemp flakes for a 1+2 combo.

Isabel Smiley-Lewis
Ismileylewis July 15, 16:06:54

Angie James
angiejames June 24, 14:18:21
Watched 6-24-22

Jennifer June
JenniferJune May 26, 12:00:59