#11 MCT Oil

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00:01 Start
00:06 MCT oil
00:23 What is it?
01:18 Shibboleth store
01:45 Medium chain triglyceride and long chain triglyceride
02:28 Easiest source of energy
03:02 Switch over your oil
03:05 Other approved oils
04:55 End


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Elizabeth Murphree
LisainVirginia April 22, 13:00:37
Thanks for this video explaining the critical role of the right oils.

Linda Yeager
lindayeager Feb. 6, 19:00:34
Very informative! Great video!

Manya Parker
mpdoitnow Dec. 22, 10:29:52
Could you add fresh garlic into MCT oil to flavor it?

Angie James
angiejames June 24, 14:24:10
Watched 6-24-22

Jennifer June
JenniferJune May 26, 13:27:41