Fiber Gourmet Biscotti Bites (*NEW)


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Our apologies, unfortunately, we are unable to stock the Chocolate Biscotti and the Ginger Biscotti due to manufacturing delays.  Please check back with us in March for an update on those flavors.

These biscotti bites are a perfect healthier solution for your sweet cravings. They can be used as a category 2 meal component or your extra for the day. See the listing in our food library for details. 

Product Disclaimer

Serving Size: 12 crackers

Total Calories per serving: 80

Calories from Fat: 20.0

Total Fat: 2.5

Sodium: 45

Total Carbohydrate: 22.0

Dietary Fiber: 10.0

Sugars: 9.0

Protein: 3.0

Kosher: yes


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Product Reviews

Average rating: 5

QueenofkingRating: 5.0 9 months, 3 weeks ago

Absolutely love these! Great crunch and taste! A perfect snack/dessert!!

KarenSRQRating: 5.0 10 months, 1 week ago

These are small but really good tasting. I ordered the chocolate and original flavors. Both are great but if you remember the Biscotti from years ago, these are different. Small and thin. Approx 2 inches square. The only issue for me compared to the older version (which many of us LOVED but they stopped making them :-( is these are hard to travel with in a ziplock bag as they turn to crumbs and tiny pieces. When that happens it's hard to get an accurate count. I still eat the crumbs!

I completely understand. I am glad they are making the biscotti bites, but did enjoy the bigger ones so that I did not overeat them. I'm just glad they are trying to make biscotti again. :)

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