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The “Stretch A Minute” (SAM) offers better health through core fitness.

A message from Travis...

"After my back surgery in 2010 I was really struggling with debilitating back pain and sciatica. It seemed the next step for relief was back fusion.

Not something anyone ever wants to go through.


However, after being introduced to the SAM and incorporating recommended stretches and core stability exercises using this patented device, I began finding relief. Today SAM is still a huge part of my exercise program. I use it daily for stretching but have moved beyond just using it to stretch.  I’ve certainly used it to strengthen my core, but also have used it with many different exercises because of its unique positive reinforcement feedback loop. I love it!


The SAM may look simple but it is a powerful and effective piece of equipment. I always have it when I travel so I don’t miss out on may exercise routine. It’s patented design allows it to be used with endless exercises. It is adjustable and perfect for any height and many different exercise variations.


How is it better for you than regular stretching?  Most people that incorporate stretching and core stability exercises do not hold the stretch or stability position long enough for it to do much good. This device is different because it provides positive reinforcement and feedback with intermittent beeps when stretching exercises are held for the proper duration. So you work your way up to holding these exercises for the proper duration and you really get the most out of them. It trains you to push yourself.


This positive feedback will have you developing balance, core stability and alleviating pain like no other exercise device that you‘ve ever used. This device is also very durable. I’ve been using the same SAM device for more than 10 years and other than a couple of battery changes, my SAM is still going strong.  Shibboleth has recently obtained exclusivity on this patented and amazing piece of exercise equipment.


It doesn’t matter your age, height or weight you’ll find that the SAM can easily accommodate you and your situation. It comes with batteries, an instructional book and Sasha and I will be performing exercises regularly live and online so you can participate "on-demand" as time permits. We'll join you live regularly to help hold you accountable.  


This piece of equipment will work for everyone, but I am only making it available to my most serious Shibboleth Members. As a Tiger's Eye Member, I know you have made the committment to your health and will join me in setting new goals and continuing to inspire peope to follow your journey!" 

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