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Boar's Head London Broil

Rating: 5
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Boar's Head and Dietz & Watson London Broil are premium deli products that we allow to be used as category lean protein. This is one of Travis' favorites.  It's a lean red meat and when thinly sliced and prepared in 100% MCT Oil or zero calorie cooking spray, it makes a great health alternative to Philly Steak.  Add the Fat Free Cheese and you have a Philly Cheesesteak.  This is also a great replacement for corned beef with cabbage.

London Broil is a cooking method, not a specific cut of meat. It is cut differently, marinated, and then broiled to make it tender. Some London Broils are leaner than others, and the name can be applied to anything from a 1-inch flank steak to a 4-inch roast that comes from sirloin, top round, or other round sections of beef. All of these cuts are normally category 4 meats.  The only London Broils that can be counted as category 1 lean protein are Boar's Head and Dietz & Watson deli London Broil. We have allowed them to be used as category 1 because of their premium quality.  

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