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Elli Quark 0% Greek Yogurt (any flavor)

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as a snack = 0 WLM

Greek yogurts are very good!  However, they are not -3 by themselves.  The regular Greek plain yogurts are 0 to -1 at best because while they are category 1 Lean Protein, they are predigested (requiring little digestive energy) and offer no improvement on metabolism, but they DO keep you in EFB. 

Oikos Triple Zero is better on WLM because it is loaded with protein and fiber and therefore a -2 by itself.  Your body is working harder with this one!

Keeping your calories of yogurt under 200 calories and adding 1 tbls of hemp flakes would improve the yogurts on the WLM making them even better for weight loss. 

 1 cup of Chobani Greek Plain Yogurt 1 Scoop of Advocare Spark 1 teaspoon of Hemp Hearts 1 palm full of blackberries Made this way and in this portion this is a weight loss meal.