Cheese, Fat Free Cottage Cheese

Rating: 5
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You can have a 1/2 cup with or without category 2 vegetables for a 0 WLM snack or have 1 - 1/2 cups alone as a -1 meal.

Add to your favorite tomato sauce for a great depth of flavor for spaghetti and make it vegetarian, use as a substitute for ricotta cheese in Italian dishes, or blend up with a packet of ranch dressing dry mix and a little water to make a ranch dressing or ranch dip for veggies.  This is a very versatile food.

Cottage Cheese is not rated as high on the WLM as chicken or some other whole food category 1 food items because it is a predigested food and therefore will not require as much energy from your body to break it down and burn the calories. 

Nutrition information is from Kroger fat free cottage cheese but any brand is fine.