Yogurt, Greek Plain (any brand)

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You may have any brand of Greek plain yogurt as a category 1.  Greek yogurts are very good! However, they are not a -3 WLM by themselves.  The regular Greek Plain yogurts are 0 to -1 at best because while they are category 1 lean protein, they are predigested (requiring little digestive energy) and offer no improvement on metabolism, but they DO keep you in EFB.  This is why chicken with broccoli is -3 for example (body has to work really hard to digest it). 

Triple Zero is better on the WLM because it is loaded with protein and fiber and therfore a -2 by itself.  Your body is working harder with it. 

Keeping your calories of yogurt under 200 calories and adding a tbls of hemp flakes would improve the yogurts on the WLM, making them even better for weight loss.  

Nutrition information is included here for Chobani Non-fat Greek Yogurt but all Greek yogurts are approved as category 1.