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HealthWise Hot Chocolate / Shibboleth Hot Chocolate

Rating: 5
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The options for Healthwise hot chocolate or Healthwise Cappuccino are as follows:

1) Your best option is to have 1 serving with 1 serving of Bio Coffee,  CocoRinga, or Beverly UMP as a -3 WLM meal

2) You may have up to 3 servings alone as a -3 WLM meal

3) You may have 2 servings as a 0 WLM snack

4) You may have 1 serving as an extra

5) You may also have 1 Healthwise hot chocolate with 1 Quest protein bar as a -2 WLM perfect pairing 

Note: Snacks and extras are only for times of mental weakness and are discouraged unless they are needed. You may add 1 tsp of ghee to your serving of high protein hot chocolate ONLY if you feel like you need it for energy. Ghee and MCT are recommended only in place of fats in recipes, and are best used with 1+2 or 7+2 recipes. We do not recommend adding them just for the sake of adding them. 

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