Shibboleth Awesome 100% MCT Oil (Zero Drag)

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Shred the fat by cooking with 100% MCT oil. Best used to cook on med to low heat, will burn up quickly in your pan. Make sure your MCT oil is 100% pure MCT. Recommended portion is up to 1 tbls per serving per meal. 

MCT means Medium Chain Triglyceride. It is a fat that burns like an energy carb without the blood sugar elevation, has little propensity to be stored as fat. and has a metabolism building, muscle sparing effect during calorie restriction. Thermogenic (Fat Burner). Brain Food. When cooked with category 1, category 1+2, category 7 or category 7+2, MCT oil turns a fat burning meal into a blow torch meal.  I use Awesome (Zero Drag) 100% MCT Oil for everything I need to cook with oil. Coconut Oil is 66% MCT, but not as good as 100% MCT Oil. Pan sear Fish and Squash or fry Chicken and Broccoli in it and you have fat burning on a plate. As well, Fry Pork Tenderloin and Cabbage in it.....WOW. Season and enjoy. Then watch the fat melt if you are using the Bullet Proof Shield.

While you can use a little MCT, if oil is necessary, to cook with category 4 or 6, it is not recommended because these categories already have plenty of fat. 

Note from Travis... "I have been using 100% MCT oil for more than 20 years. During my weight loss journey I was facinated with the body building community. I studied the daily routines of these extremely disciplined athletes. From their eating regimen to their workouts and even sleep patterns. MCT oil was very popular for use as a clean energy source. They added it to drinks and cooked with it. Since they had very little body fat, the MCT oil gives a quick energy boost and is a healthier althernative to "carbing up".  MCT oil breaks down and enters your cells quickly providing a great fuel source and brain boost!

However, I wasn't a body builder, so during my "weight loss phase" I needed to burn body fat!  For me, replacing conventional oils like vegetable and olive oils with this thermogenic, 100% MCT oil was not only the healthier option, but also optimized my fat burning potential when I combined it with already fat burning food combinations.

Our best fat burning combination is 1+2+ MCT

There are many recommendations and fads that suggest drinking and adding MCT oil to shakes, coffee, etc for the brain and energy boost. My recommendation is that you only cook with 100% MCT when in a weight loss mode. If you use it outside of an already fat burning combination, you are only adding more fat and calories to burn during your day. We want your body burning unwanted body fat!

*Please note that I recommend this product based on my own research and experience and it is not required. I highly encourage you to also do your own before trying any suppmental regimen. Suggested suppmentation does not replace, but can enhance an already proven weight loss program. 

I lost 130 pounds and have maintained it for over 20 years. I want to share each part of my journey so you can take from it what benefits you and plug it into your own lifestyle.

All my best to you! ~ Travis