1. Register for group challenge by clicking green ACCEPT button below.
  2. Submit your challenge pictures. This online entry process allows you to post your before pictures. Pictures for the challenge are made public so that users can help determine our winner. You must submit your before pictures during the week before the start date of the pre selected round you will be competing in. Please add your starting weight for challenge to your journal on Challenge Day 1. Yes, you will be competing with others, but you will also be competing against yourself.
  3. You will need to record a short blog about your progress and journey each day in order to be considered for recognition or prizes at the end of the group challenge. This daily blog will detail your inner transformation. Our judges will score this section along with your before and after pictures. The community will also give a rating of 0-5 rating your overall effort during the challenge. These scores and ratings will determine our winners.
  4. 40% of your score will be based on your visible transformation, 40% of your score will be based on your "inner" transformation, and 30% of your score will be based on the community rating you receive.
  5. Your two AFTER photos and your WEIGHT must be submitted and entered within 48 hours of challenge’s end date in order to successfully complete the challenge.
  6. Recognition and prizes will differ for each challenge. The real prize are the results you get. Push yourself.